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Cardiovascular Diagnostic Report

FlowReserve provides a solution to one of today’s healthcare challenges: improving patient quality of life and process efficiency through diagnostic optimization and digitalization.



Non-invasive FFR indicator based on the patient’s CT angiography study.



worldwide population suffer ischemic heart desease

> 125 M individuals and the prevalence is rising


Improved quality of life

Better care for patients with ischemic heart disease.

Cost Savings

Estimated savings of more than 50% for healthcare systems versus the current standard of care.

How It Works


Medical Imaging

Images obtained from CT scan are segmented with high precision using artificial intelligence techniques and based on certain input parameters. At the end of the process, a 3D reproduction of the heart is obtained.



Mathematical Modelling of Biological Fluids (FFRct)

FlowReserve provides the calculation of FFR by non-invasive methods (FFRct) from the patient’s CT angiography study. The technology developed by FlowReserve is based on the application of mathematical models to a 3D heart obtained from the segmentation of CT scan images. The application of these mathematical models allows us to accurately reproduce the blood circulation inside the coronary arteries, thus obtaining a digital twin of the heart from which we can obtain any hemodynamic parameter of clinical interest.


Fractional Flow Reserve (FFRct) Report

FlowReserve provides an automatic, detailed, and accurate report with the results of the parameters obtained through the application of mathematical models showing the diagnosis to support the cardiologist’s diagnosis and treatment.

FFRct provides faster diagnosis, and more accurate results, and contributes to improving the quality of life of the patients, and the efficiency of the clinical processes thanks to the digitalization of the diagnosis.

FFRct will be the gold standard in 5 years time

What does FFRct offer? 

A cheaper, less invasive, and equally accurate method.

FlowReserve (FFRct)

FFR convencional

Minimal invasiveness

Fast recovery

Improvement of quality of life

Quality and accuracy of results

Costs saving

Hospital pressure reduction


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